Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by threat of danger, pain or harm. Although unpleasant, having fear can sometimes be good. Without fear we may not have the economy that we have now. Fear can be either useful or harmful depending on how you see it. For example, when students are required to hand in […]

Real money items in online games

At this time and age, with our technological advancement, many forms of entertainments exist. One of them is online games. Online games can be accessed through different platforms, such as personal computers, smart phones, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Generally, online games can be categorised into two category – free-to-play and pay-to-play. These two business […]

Mood and Confidence

Mood and confidence are two broad topics but they are interrelated. A person’s level of mood is directly proportional to his confidence level. When that person is depressed, his confidence level will be low. However, when he is elated, his confidence level will be high. But what exactly are mood and confidence? Are they important? […]


Routine is what cultivates discipline. But sometimes, discipline comes before routine. It varies on perspectives. Routine and discipline comes hand in hand. With that out of the way, I would like to start this topic proper. I will start by writing what routines I have prior to having this idea of developing a new routine […]


I start to get bored by games that I enjoyed playing. I am usually like this when I get stressed. I thought why not start tackling the main cause of the issue – getting ready for Qualifying English Test.  Throughout the whole journey from central towards the east, I have been thinking about how I […]

Some topics worth writing on

I have thoughts about writing to improve my language in the long run. That is why I started to think of topics to write. These are a few topics which I can think of: 1. Chinese new year celebration 2. An account of what happened today 3. Guides for online games (i.e dungeon guide) 4. […]