Routine is what cultivates discipline. But sometimes, discipline comes before routine. It varies on perspectives. Routine and discipline comes hand in hand. With that out of the way, I would like to start this topic proper. I will start by writing what routines I have prior to having this idea of developing a new routine for writing. After that, I will touch on why I have a routine and why will I want to develop this new routine.

Routines that I currently have are work routine and a workout routine. Let us start with the work routine. It is your standard 8am to 5pm, 5 days work week but not in an office. It’s in outdoors. Surely, work routines can be mundane but it requires certain level of discipline to keep going back to work. Other than work routine, I also have a workout routine. Usually the workout which i have done, are more of cardiovascular workout. Exercises in my standard workout I do are: 60 push ups, 60 crunches, 60 squats, 20 diamond push ups, 120 bicycle crunches, 20 wide arm push ups, and 60 mountain climbers. I will add in a 2.4km run when I feel that I have eaten more than I should have any day of the week. I seemed to have forgotten to mention my workout routine happens every Saturday.

Next, the reason why I have these two routines. First, work routine. Work routine allows me to keep my discipline level constant on a daily basis. My discipline is at a level whereby I could easily make myself start another routine much easily. Without having this routine, it would be more difficult to start a new routine. Next, workout routine. Strictly following my routines will help to improve my overall fitness and help develop discipline at the same time. It is once per week and you might think it is easier to follow than work routine but it actually is not. In fact, it takes more discipline and focus to make yourself follow a workout routine. Probably due to the fact that it is a strenuous activity. The thought of putting yourself through a workout that will exert energy from almost every single body parts will tend to make yourself want to avoid doing it. But always remember that workout is not a routine but it is more of a lifestyle.

Lastly, reason why I would want to develop a routine for writing. If you have been following my other posts, chances are, you would have already known the reason. This is just a reiteration of previous posts. I want to pass my Qualifying English Test.

With this, I would like to conclude this topic on routine. Sometimes, having just discipline does not determine your routine will work out. You must be determined  and focused in order to follow through your routine. After you have followed long enough, the routine will become part of you. Just the same as simple things like brushing your teeth – it becomes a lifestyle rather than a routine.

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