Mood and Confidence

Mood and confidence are two broad topics but they are interrelated. A person’s level of mood is directly proportional to his confidence level. When that person is depressed, his confidence level will be low. However, when he is elated, his confidence level will be high. But what exactly are mood and confidence? Are they important? Let us find out.

Let me start off by explaining what are mood and confidence. Mood is defined as the state or quality of emotion at a particular time. Whereas confidence is defined as the belief in oneself and one’s powers and abilities. As you can see, the state of emotion at different point of time affects one’s level of confidence. Without positive mood, you will feel unconfident which will in turn result in you not being able to perform at your best condition.

Mood and confidence are interrelated but they are both determined by different factors. Different factors such as family, work and unexpected conditions that arises out of the blue affects the mood. On the other hand, confidence can be affected by things like self-esteem and body langauge. When you do not feel good about yourself, you will feel unconfident and it can be reflected clearly on your body language. Both mood and confidence play a part in the quality of your work.

At the end of the day, you will be affected by your mood and confidence, so try your best to keep a good mood that leads to confidence. Here are some tips to help increase your mood and confidence:

1. Smile
As simple as it sounds, smiling does help to improve your mood and confidence even if the smile was forced. Smiling gives out positive energy not just towards you but also to the people around you. It takes less energy to smile than to pull a long face. Smile more!

2. Doing a good deed
Simple gestures like gifting to your co-worker or donating to the needies will brighten up their day and it will help brighten up yours too!

3. Dress up
Dressing up improves your confidence. You will feel more successful when you dress up.

4. Standing up straight
Back to body postures, slouching will make you feel less confident. Good postures improves your core, back, breathing and makes you feel less stress. Standing up straight gives you confidence!

These are just some tips that you can try. I hope this helps!

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