Real money items in online games

At this time and age, with our technological advancement, many forms of entertainments exist. One of them is online games. Online games can be accessed through different platforms, such as personal computers, smart phones, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Generally, online games can be categorised into two category – free-to-play and pay-to-play. These two business models work differently. Free-to-play model allow gamers to access the entire game for free without any restrictions but advertisements and microtransections are in the game. However, in a pay-to-play model, gamers need to purchase the game at a retail price before being given full access. There are little to no advertisements at all and seldom any microtransection. However, game companies cannot only rely on retail pricing to earn their profits. Lately, game developers of pay-to-play models are increasingly creating microtransection contents in their games. From in-game purchases to starter packs and founders’ packs, game companies are exploring different methods to generate more income.

Smart phones are increasingly gaining popularity in the world. It would only make sense for companies to create entertainment on smart phones. Games are one of them. The costs, effort and time involved to create a game is extremely less than the resources used to invent a game on more complexed platform such as personal computer and consoles. Mobile games today, both business models, we will see developers creating and making use of cash currency to reel in more profit. Cash currency such as rubies and diamonds are bought using real money. Usually, just by using in-game currency, gameplay and overall experience of the game will feel dull, too repetitive and just take a long time before you can complete all of the content. Comparatively, game developers allow gamers with cash to spare to pay for packages to have a headstart, incentives or even skip certain parts in the game! Another way developers can introduce the use of cash is by limiting new characters to only be able to be attained through the use of cash currency. Other than that, just by paying a small amount might give you a few tries of getting these characters but does not garentee your chance of having rare or good characters.

Games on personal computers have been in existsnce for quite sometime. Often pay-to-play model does not introduce microtransection(since you have already paid), but there are still some exceptions. I will continue this topic with these exceptions along with those in free-to-play model. Microtransection in computer games are used almost the same as how smart phones games are except you will not be testing your luck on items for the most part. You will instead get the exact item for what you paid for but items that test your luck still do exist. Mainly microtransection in computer games are cosmetic items that alter your avatar’s physical appearances and founders’ packs or starter packs that grant you early excess to the unreleased game and gives you resources as a headstart. But you would have to pay a hefty price for them.

At the end of the day, game developers and companies are just trying to maximise their profit and income. Some people choose to pay a few dollars, some choose to pay a few hundred dollars, all just to support the developers and studios. But one question remains – are you willing to pay?

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P.S. This is just my opinion, no ill intention intended. I apologise in advanced if I have offended anyone.

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