Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by threat of danger, pain or harm. Although unpleasant, having fear can sometimes be good. Without fear we may not have the economy that we have now.

Fear can be either useful or harmful depending on how you see it. For example, when students are required to hand in their homework to their teacher but one of them forgot to do the homework the night before. Certain punishment, such as staying abck after school to finish the homework will be given by the teacher. In this example, the teacher instilled fear into his students by punishing the student who did not hand in the homework. Other students will not dare to defy orders given by the teacher. By creating an image of what would happen to students who defy orders given by teachers, students will consistently do their homeworks and this will improve their academic results.

However, after awhile, students who are forced to follow orders will not be indepedent and will require to a lot of guidance from other parties.  Another example, when students who follow strictly to the orders of teachers graduates from school and join the workforce, they will be lost. They will not know what they are supposed to do because nobody is giving any orders to them. And that is because they do not understand the reason behind why they do the things they do when they are in school.

Sometimes things are not what they seemed to be. Change your perspective and you may just realise the real intention behind why things happen to be the way they are. This will help you understand why others instill the fear you feel in you.

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Live your life like you only have one chance.

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