Trying out something new

Lately, I have updated my computer graphics card driver in order to play a game called “The Division”. I have only updated my graphics driver to play the game but unknowingly, the update also adds new functionality to my computer. Straight after updating, I launch the game because I have been dying to play the game. Upon launching the game, i am greeted by a notification that says,’ is recording.’ Puzzled, I check back at my desktop to see what other redundant bloatwares the driver update may have installed without my consent. Turns out the program ‘’ is a software that directly make use of my graphics card to record gameplay footage of my gaming sessions. It is set by default, when I launch a game, the driver will automatically record the entire session of the gameplay.

This made me so happy beacuse I have always wanted to do gameplay recordings and post them up on YouTube for the longest time. Previously, I thought I would need to purchase additional video capture cards to record but it would be additional costs for me and I am not sure if I really want to do recording for long. After recording several sessions, I made use of the dame software to edit and trim my videos before posting them up on YouTube. So far the process has been fun but time consuming. However, I am just doing videos for fun. Right now while I have the time, I will stick with it for awhile and see if I really have the drive to do this for a long run before I decide on purchasing other equipments to improve the quality of my videos.

Thank you for reading and I will update again soon.

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