Routine is what cultivates discipline. But sometimes, discipline comes before routine. It varies on perspectives. Routine and discipline comes hand in hand. With that out of the way, I would like to start this topic proper. I will start by writing what routines I have prior to having this idea of developing a new routine […]


I start to get bored by games that I enjoyed playing. I am usually like this when I get stressed. I thought why not start tackling the main cause of the issue – getting ready for Qualifying English Test.  Throughout the whole journey from central towards the east, I have been thinking about how I […]

Some topics worth writing on

I have thoughts about writing to improve my language in the long run. That is why I started to think of topics to write. These are a few topics which I can think of: 1. Chinese new year celebration 2. An account of what happened today 3. Guides for online games (i.e dungeon guide) 4. […]